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Dalia Elcharbini is a contemporary Palestinian-Canadian artist who has been exhibiting in Canada and the US for the past six years. She describes her style as Surrealist Realism; an attempt to capture life-like subjects but not necessarily human. Despite her medium of choice, her body of work is recognized for one fixed element which is her consistent use of gold leaf throughout all her work.

"Nothing is more captivating to me than our intricately crafted universe. Whether it’s the growth rings of a tree, the aging lines on a senior’s face, the pattern on my dog’s snout, or the veins that are elaborately protruding from the skin of a leaf; the more I seek visual inspiration from flora and fauna, a sense of divine energy and imagery is projected. It is for this reason, I use earthly minerals such as graphite and gold leaf in order to bring these pieces into the light I want them visualized in. My art seeks to disturb, elevate and trigger an emotional response tapping into the human conscious and drawing the viewer into a unique world outside the physical realm that can only be found inside the artwork."